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Show Me Tell Me Questions

The DVSA Show me, tell me questions test your knowledge on basic car maintenance and safety. At the start of the practical driving test the show me, tell me questions will begin. The driving test examiner will ask you two questions, one show me question and one tell me question. Answer any of these two questions incorrectly and you will gain one driving test fault.  / example questions >>> 

S1. Open the bonnet, identify where you would check the engine oil level and tell me how you would check that the engine has enough oil. 

A. Identify the dipstick, pull it out and check the oil level against the min/max markings.

S2. Show me/explain how you would check that the power assisted steering is working before starting a journey. 

A. If the steering becomes heavy the steering may be faulty. Before starting a journey two simple checks can be made. 

1) Gentle pressure on the steering wheel, maintained whilst the engine is started, should result in slight but noticeable movement as the system begins to operate. 
2) Turning the steering wheel after just moving off will give an immediate indication that the power assisted steering is functioning correctly.

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